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Would you ask a car salesman to teach you which car's the best to buy? No way.

And yet so many investors rely completely on platforms and sponsors for their real estate education, despite the obvious conflicts of interest.

Below are tutorials sourced from unbiased academic papers and investment advisors, as well as unique guides based on my personal investing experiences with my own seven-figure portfolio

Code of Ethics: To remove conflicts of interest that are rife on other sites, I / we do not accept any money from any sponsors or platforms for publicity nor for the referral of any investors. This includes but is not limited to: no money for postings, nor reviews, nor tutorials, nor guides, nor advertising, nor affiliate leads etc. 

Guides & Tutorials


Tutorials: Beginner's 101


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Tutorials: Expert

  • Hard money loan investing guide:

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*Investor club private content. Club membership is free but requires that investors verify they have no connection to investment sponsors, platforms or their affiliates. ​​​Click here to apply for club membership.

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