How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 48: January 31

Updated: Feb 8

Third U.S. death wave holds onto tenuous plateau for second week in a row, giving hope of a turnaround; World round up: South Korea puts a lid on their third wave while Spain, Portugal and South Africa are battered by new variants; State Roundup: Finally some welcome news for overstretched and beleaguered hospitals; Yet again more massive new unemployment weighs down economy; What “Great Recession”? 2020’s dismal year dwarfs the damage and is economy's worst year since 1946; Financial cliff: Outlook for bipartisan cooperation fades and then rekindles with last-minute Sunday morning counter-offer.;Study finds sending stimulus checks to higher income households doesn’t really stimulate economy and is poor return on investment;Merck surprises many and is forced to abandon its two Covid-19 vaccines after overwhelmingly poor results; Mutant strain knocks much anticipated Novavax vaccine off-balance after its "tried-and-true" technology produces mixed results in final human trials; Behemoth Johnson & Johnson's vaccine not the virus knockout-punch many expected, and its less effective results are further depressed by mutant strains; Mutant Watch: Health expert warns that rules of pandemic are changing, calling it the “Dawning of a New Age of the Variants”; Moderna’s lab test shows vaccine only generates 1/6th the usual antibodies against South African mutant strain; Long-Haul Covid finally explained? Researchers find Covid-19 lives on in brains of mice long after the disease has cleared the rest of the body; Update on my portfolio strategy.