How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 15: June 6th

Updated: Feb 8

U.S. progress against the virus suddenly stalls; Sweden's roller coaster week; Georgia's mixed reopening; 1.88 million more unemployed, but bottom appears to be coming into sight; Government data suggests astounding one third of unemployed have been stranded without benefits; Business bankruptcies skyrocket 48% to 11 year high; Non-political Congressional Budget Office releases a dark 10-year economic forecast; Heavily criticized paycheck protection program (PPP) is revamped; Anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is miraculously resurrected from grave, only to stumble back in again; Real estate investment rundown; Hotel and retail commercial mortgage delinquencies soar; Brutal 42% of top retail chains didn't pay their rent; Formerly "safe" trophy properties hit the skids; Self-storage rents fall across 97% of the country; Nursing home occupancy plunges a painful 10-18%; Is your office investment really ready for a post-lockdown world?; A tale of two (multifamily) classes; Pandemic will probably deal deathblow to many movie theaters; Crowdfunding platform Crowdstreet experiences the best and worst of times; Update on my investment strategy.