• Ian Ippolito

Comprehensive Guide to Hard Money Loan Investing Part 4: Top 15 Hard Money Loan Funds 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

We found not just 1 but 15 needles in the haystack for investors.

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Hard money loan funds have numerous advantages over most of the platforms, including more conservative LTV's, higher volume, instant diversification, better transparency, easier management and early liquidation. However, finding a good fund has been very difficult for many investors. Well, this article puts an end to that. We list the top 15 funds as chosen by investors on the site. We then gathered 20+ data points on each so you can contrast and compare them. And we also list honors for the top standouts in several areas, and provide a guide on picking and doing due diligence. SUMMARY of Hard Money Loan Funds:

  • Arixa Capital: Secured Income Fund

  • Arixa Capital: Fund 3

  • Broadmark Capital: Fund 1 (PBRELF I)

  • Broadmark Capital: Fund 2 (BRELF II)

  • CCG Capital Pride of Austin High Yield Fund I