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2023 Top 25+ Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites: Comprehensive Reviews and Ratings
(for accredited investors)

(Note:If you're not an accredited investor, click here for the non-accredited site rankings.).

There are 100+ real estate crowdfunding sites to choose from.  And virtually all claim they're the best. But in reality, many suffer from poor customer/investor feedback, questionable protections, low volume and/or uncompetitive fees.  So how do you cut through the marketing hype?

I've interviewed actual investors to get their views of the actual, on-the-ground situation. And I've pored through reams of legal documentsinvestment contracts to look at deal specifics. And I've also questioned principals, account reps, and support staff. 


Back in 2015, these reviews took 3 months of intense research and analysis to create. And every year since, many more months have been invested in maintaining and updating them. And now here's the latest update.

Latest Update

I've long thought that the next severe real estate recession would be the true test of which platforms are truly here to stay and which ones will be quickly forgotten.

Today we find ourselves in what's probably a mild recession (in certain real-estate asset classes), and yet this has caused an earthquake in the industry.

Many sites have dropped substantially...and mostly due to record levels of customer/investor dissatisfaction. A small number are hanging on. And for another year, no site was able to claim "best of best" status.

Here's the results...

Top 100+ Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites 2023 Ratings and Reviews (for accredited investors)
  • Code of Ethics: To maintain objectivity, I do NOT accept any money from any outside sponsor or platform for ANYTHING (including but not limited to affiliate ads, advertising etc.). See code of ethics for more.

  • Personal opinion only: All info is my personal opinion only as an investor. I am not an attorney, nor an accountant, nor your financial advisor. Always do your own due diligence and consult with your own licensed professionals before making any investment decision. Information is believed to be correct but may have errors, so use at your own risk. If you find an error, please let me know.

  • Ratings are general: In my opinion, every investor comes from a different risk tolerance and financial situation, so there's no such thing as a single investment or platform that's great for everyone. There are many deals that aggressive investors love, which I won't touch, and vice versa. And every investor has their own way of doing due diligence. I believe there's no one right way to do it. 

    So, the site ratings are based on criteria which I feel are important to the broadest range of investors (transparency, volume, bankruptcy protection, etc). And even though I have my own personal, conservative, due diligence method (and talk about how the site's deals measure up in the "deep dive section"), I don't use my personal criteria as a factor in the ratings. So for example, a high ranking/rating doesn't mean that I would personally invest in a site (and vice versa). Click here to see what's in my own portfolio.

Tier 1: Best of the Best (10 out of 10 stars)

These sites have it all: Very positive investor feedback, high transparency, co-investment, high-volume, average to low fees, excellent bankruptcy protection, strong administration and customer service and strong financial backing.


  • None. No site has all these features yet. But we hope that will change by the time of our next review.


Tier 2: All-Stars (7-9 out of 10 stars)

These sites are extremely strong in the majority of the fundamentals:.


All sites in the tier are listed in alphabetical order.

Tier 3: Contenders (6 out of 10 stars)

These sites are a step below the previous tier, but still have one or more key/strong features that may make them worthy of consideration.


All sites in the tier are 
listed in alphabetical order.


Tier 4: Up-And-Coming + On-probation (3-5 out of 10 stars)

There are 2 types of sites in this category. The first, are up-and-coming sites that may not be as polished as competitors but may have some sort of promise or potential for the future. The second, are sites that have had substantial investor alleged complaints, poor volume or other challenges.

Up and coming​:

  • None

On probation:

All sites in the tier are 
listed in alphabetical order.

Tier 5: The Challenged and the Exited (1 out of 10 stars)

Some of these sites have had major legal, financial, volume, investor alleged complaints and/or other challenges to deal with. Others switched business models and  exited the accredited investor market or the entire real estate crowdfunding platform business.





Best of the Best
The Challenged
About Ian Ippolito
Ian Ippolito: investor and serial entrepreneur

Ian Ippolito is an investor and serial entrepreneur. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, TIME, Fast Company, TechCrunch, CBS News, FOX News, USA Today, Bloomberg News,, CoStar News, Curbed and more.


Ian was impressed by the potential of real estate crowdfunding, but frustrated by the lack of quality site reviews and investment analysis. He created The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review to fill that gap.

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Tier 6: Bottom Tier

These 80+ sites failed to meet one or more of the basic criteria, to qualify for ranking at this time. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Bottom Tier
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