How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 53: March 27th

Micro-edition update; U.S. progress on third death wave drives forward, but then stalls out;Crystal ball: Time to buckle up? Infections surge and imply fourth wave may already be here; The race against time: humanity’s vaccines vs. evolution and the virus; Revenge of the mutants: Europe continues to lose ground against more contagious and deadly variants; Heartbreaking study finds 13-15% of kids who get Covid-19 suffer from debilitating long-haul Covid symptoms weeks or months after “clearing” the virus; Variant watch: French mutation evades detection by coronavirus tests, India detects new, double mutant, California mutation is 20% more transmissible and Oxford vaccine may be ineffective against UK variant;Fatally wrong advice? CDC recommendations that frontline workers don't need N95 masks was based on poor science, and may have contributed to thousands of deaths; Update on my portfolio.

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