How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 39: November 21st

Updated: Feb 8

Third U.S. death wave continues upwards rise; Crystal ball looking ominous as new infections soar to stunning records; World round up: Sweden locks down harder as Belgium and Netherlands clearly turn the corner (and the rest of Europe shows hints of following); “From Atlanta to Pacific, oh, the flip-flopping is terrific”: Holdout States reverse course and enact lockdowns in the midst of escalating hospitalizations and deaths; CDC recommend Americans stay home for Thanksgiving as Colorado governor advises: “Don’t bring a loaded pistol for grandma’s head”; Georgia’s Bellwether Economy Still On Life Support; Unemployment: Groundhog's Day Continues with Economy Hit yet Again with More Massive Job Loss; Financial Cliff: Will financial chicanery end up being the key that unlocks the gridlock?; Early trial suggests Moderna vaccine 94.5% effective; Pfizer files long-awaited emergency authorization request with the FDA as effectiveness rises to 95% in final results; Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials criticized by some regulators and scientists for not testing for sterilizing immunity; FDA approves first at-home self-testing kit for Covid-19 as some experts question the usefulness and strategy; A second antibody treatment for Covid-19 is approved by FDA, but again the supply’s too minuscule to change the larger course of the pandemic; Update on my portfolio strategy.