How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 12: May 16th

Updated: Feb 8

U.S. regains footing and breaks out of plateau; Swedish miracle, Swedish massacre or a little of both?; South Korea continues to roll and thread the needle; Georgia throws re-opening party, but did anybody really show up?; Unemployment stuck in bad version of "Groundhog's Day" and millions unable to collect needed benefits; Retail sales crash through floor into basement; Paycheck Protection Program shoots small businesses it's meant to help in the foot (again); U.K. announces long-awaited accurate antibody test; U.K. blazes forward on contact tracing app; Apple and Google criticized for error-filled "contact tracing lite"; A video you should not watch if you ever want to enjoy buffets again; How to catch Covid-19 without even trying, or why the 6 foot rule probably won't protect you indoors; No coughing or sneezing required: mere human speech spreads virus-loaded particles up to 8 minutes; Kids are not immune: Covid-19 causes potentially fatal blood disorder in children; Secretive "Warp Speed" project aims to deliver 100 million doses of vaccine by November; Big Tobacco announces radical vaccine strategy ready for human trials in June; Update on my Strategy