How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 58: August 7th

"Younger, sicker and quicker (to get worse)": 4th U.S. wave vaults past multiple records, as Delta muscles its way to 95% dominance; Herd immunity: Are we getting close or is Delta moving the goalpost on humanity?; Crystal Ball: U.K. appears to be losing control of its latest wave and Delta causes infections in Israel to soar; New study estimates herd immunity may require "well over 80% and approaching 90%" rates to stop pandemic; How did the experts and pundits get Delta so wrong?; After stonewalling critics for weeks, CDC reverses course and reinstates recommendation for the vaccinated to mask-up; The CDC's inexplicable "see no virus, hear no virus, speak no virus" policy on breakthrough infections comes under more fire; Israel claims Pfizer vaccine’s power wanes quickly over time and also lets through more severe cases too; Poll finds most unvaccinated Americans believe getting the jab is a bigger risk to their health than catching the virus itself; Latest update on my portfolio strategy.

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Quick Summary

This article is part of a multi-article series that's been published regularly since the pandemic began, back in March 2020. It started with three introductory articles on the virus and its effect on the economy and on alternative investment classes. Then it moved on to weekly updates on the latest and greatest developments (along with weekly updates on my evolving personal portfolio strategy). Then in February 2021 it moved to bi-weekly updates and in May 2020 it changed to once several weeks. You can see the links to every article in the series here.