How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 45: January 9th

Updated: Feb 8

Progress against third U.S. death wave appears a temporary blip, as new fatalities climb relentlessly and shatter records; Crystal ball: After brief reprieve, third infection wave accelerates again; World round up: multiple countries losing war to virus as Sweden prepares hard lock-down, U.K. hospitals become "a war zone" and quicker-spreading mutation gains stronger foothold; State Roundup: More hospitals “stretched to the absolute limits” as a record 16 states simultaneously set Covid-19 hospitalization highs; Georgia’s bellwether economic recovery: revisited in three weeks; Unemployment: Strong headwinds to recovery continue; Dual monthly unemployment reports show economic recovery dangerously stalling; Financial cliff (part 1): Covid-19 relief law passed at last; Financial cliff (part 2): Losers of the new pandemic aid law; “Large stimulus” party flips two key seats to control Congress as President-elect demands more pandemic-relief; New faster-spreading mutation found across multiple states as scientists criticize anemic U.S. response as “a scandal”; U.S. vaccination effort comes under intense criticism after falling well short of goals; Update on my portfolio strategy.