How Will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 20: July 11th

Updated: Feb 8

U.S.'s anti-virus progress stalls, and flips troublingly into reverse; U.S. versus the world: which country is controlling the virus the best?; Sunbelt and West see unwelcome uptick in deaths; Doomed to forget history and repeat it? U.S. again facing crucial shortages of vital masks and medical equipment; Georgia reopening appears to be crumbling; Another week, another record number of jobs lost; Disney Reopens! "A Whole New World" for happy kids? Or sad science lesson on "The Circle of Life"?; Operation Warp Speed awards $450 million to promising Regeneron antibody cocktail treatment; "Scotty, Increase Speed to Warp Factor 2" -- Operation Warp Speed also awards $1.6 billion for experimental Novavax vaccine; Can the body fight the virus in two ways? And if so, will it complicate testing and treatment?; Remdesivir might help people survive Covid-19; Commercial Real Estate Transactions plummeted 35%; Commercial mortgage-backed delinquencies suddenly soared by record amounts in June; Senior housing occupancy nosedives to Great Recession levels and below; Multifamily operators hanging in there, but also warily eyeing potential upcoming cliff; Update on my portfolio.