How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 36: November 1st

Updated: Feb 8

Signs show unwanted third U.S. death wave raising its ugly head; Crystal ball: U.S. infections hit record highs and continue to spiral upwards; U.S. State Update: infections and hospitalizations accelerate across record-setting numbes of states; Groundbreaking study finds mask mandates associated with dramatic reduction of Covid-19 hospitalizations; U.S. economy hammered by more record-setting unemployment; Georgia’s bellwether economy: a glimmer of success amid otherwise cloudy to stormy skies; Financial cliff update: senators head home to face their voters with no deal in hand; Shocking 8 million delinquent homeowners could spark foreclosure tidal wave in 2021, larger than the great recession; Millions who can’t afford rent may cause eviction tsunami in 2021; Human trials on Eli-Lilly Covid-19 antibody therapy canceled by feds for ineffectiveness; Safety monitoring committee tells Regeneron to stop using its antibody cocktail on hospitalized patients; Yet another study suggests that antibody defenses to Covid-19 fade startlingly quickly; When will things get back to normal? Fauci predicts mid to late 2021; Update on my portfolio strategy.