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Comprehensive Guide to Hard Money Loan Investing Part 5: Post-mortem: How to Avoid Flushing Tons of

Post-mortem of a hard money loan that lost more than 60% and took years longer to resolve than originally projected.

(Usual disclaimer: I'm just an investor expressing my personal opinion and not a financial advisor, attorney or accountant. Consult your own financial professionals before making any financial decisions. Code of Ethics: We do not accept any money from any sponsor or platform for anything, including postings, reviews, referring investors, affiliate leads or advertising. Nor do we negotiate special terms for ourselves in the club above what we negotiate for the benefit of members.). In this section, we'll do a post-mortem of a problematic hard money loan that recently concluded on one of the platforms. After taking years longer than projected to conclude, it lost a stomach churning 60%+ of investor money. We'll dissect what went wrong, and hopefully learn some lessons on how to avoid similar experiences in the future. The above is just a summary. Click here for the full article. (Private Investor Club content)

Note: this article is for members of The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review private investor club only Membership is free but restricted to investors with no connections to platforms, sponsors and/or their affiliates. It also requires agreeing to a non-disclosure to keep all information 100% confidential. If you qualify, click here to join.

For those interested, here are the other sections of this guide:

Part 1 - What is hard money loan investing? Part 2 - How to protect from loss Part 3 - The Due Diligence Check List Part 4 - Top 15 hard money loan funds Part 5 - Postmortem: How to Avoid Slowly Flushing Your $ Down the Drain

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Ian was impressed by the potential of real estate crowdfunding, but frustrated by the lack of quality site reviews and investment analysis. He created The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review to fill that gap.

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