How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 37: November 7th

Updated: Feb 8

No doubt anymore: Third U.S. death wave has clearly arrived; World Round Up: Sweden walks-back controversial “lock-down lite” strategy after it crumbles from second round of viral onslaught; State round-up: “A whole lot of hurt”; Georgia’s bellwether economy: Dismal is as dismal does the; Yet again, economy pummeled by more record job loss as initial recovery bounce continues to weaken; Financial cliff update: No progress and control of new Senate still unresolved; U.S. military battles silent enemy of Covid-19 within its ranks; Multifamily rents start to show cracks and decline at record pace in Q3; Many investors can’t exit core real-estate funds; Study suggests virus killing t-cells can last in the body for at least 6 months; German CureVac vaccine looks promising in early human trials; Nightmare scenario hits Denmark: Coronavirus mutation from minks is resistant to existing antibodies; could cause 2nd pandemic and render all leading vaccines weakened or useless.; Update on my portfolio strategy.