How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 9: April 26th

Updated: Feb 8

Bruised U.S. appears finally past peak, perhaps experiencing "The End of the Beginning"; U.S. hospitals bend but don't break; World eyes the lockdown exit door; Germany Plans to Reopen; The Herd Is the Word?; Another week, another disastrous unemployment report; Oil wipes out even further, futures plunge below $0/barrel; Small Business Emergency Loan Program gets more cash, still probably not enough; Covid-19 may NOT be a respiratory disease; Shocking 88% of Covid-19 ventilator patients die; Testing the antibody tests; 60% of Covid-19-positive sailors on U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt had NO symptoms, somehow the Navy was still surprised; Covid-19 antibody treatments may be viable early as Fall; The promise of "Far UVC Light".

Husband and wife anesthesiologists before working on Covid 19 patients in Tampa Florida. Photo by Nicole Hubbard.
Married Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists on the Covid 19 Airway Team, Tampa, FL. Photo by Nicole Hubbard.

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