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Who's in the club?

As of July 2023 there are 6,700+ members with over $14.7 billion in investable portfolio assets. Members focus on all types of alternative investments (not just real-estate).


What's in the club?​


  • Club-only special deals (including $ millions in reduced minimums and fees from dozens of sponsors).

  • Access to substantial off-platform deal flow (many not available elsewhere).

  • Club-only rankings, articles and analysis including: top 15 hard money loan funds, top 5 most-experienced sponsors, top 5 core and core plus funds, etc.

  • Due diligence exchange

    • Get due diligence help on your own investments. Share your previous due diligence with others.

    • My deep due-diligence summaries of every investment in my portfolio (as well as additional investments I'm in the process of evaluating or strongly considered in the past). (Brief overview here)

How do I join?

Membership is free, but requires that investors:

  • Confirm they have no connection to investment sponsors, platforms or their affiliates.

  • Agree to keep all information in the club private and confidential via an NDA (non-disclosure).

The NDA is the core of the club and taken deadly serious. A member who violates confidentiality is immediately ejected and vigorously litigated (using the club's legal defense fund which is funded by club members exclusively for this purpose). 

As the head of the club, do you have any conflicts of interest?

This club is run very differently from others you may be in or heard about.

do not accept any money
from any sponsor or platform for ANY reason. That includes no money for guides, tutorials, postings, reviews, referring investors, affiliate leads nor advertising.

I also do not negotiate special terms for myself above what I negotiate for the benefit of members.

Please see "
Code of Ethics" in the Terms of Service for more information.


Can you receive any monetary (or non monetary) compensation?

Yes, I can receive monetary compensation in 2 ways only. Site members can send donations (and a $200 donation entitles them to access my personal low-level due diligence notes on investments I've put money into). And if the club chooses to create a feeder, I take a fee as manager (and keep the excess beyond expenses).

Additionally I receive the same non-monetary compensation all club members do: access to otherwise inaccessible sponsors, millions of dollars of special deals and discounts and the satisfaction of giving back and helping others.

Please see "Code of Ethics" in the Terms of Service for more information.


Private Investor Club

The club portions of the site require approval for access. Membership is free, but requires that all candidates pass a vigorous screening and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to keep everything 100% confidential.

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