How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 51: February 27th

Progress on third death wave ominously stalls out and reverses; Crystal ball: Progress on third U.S. infection wave also stalls out at problematically high levels; World round-up: U.K. and Spain’s strict lockdowns continue to beat back mutated strains but several other European countries appears to be losing control once again; State Roundup: Postponed this week; “What else is new?” Yet another week brings more brutal levels of new unemployment; Financial Cliff: "Large Stimulus" party passes $1.9 trillion pandemic-aid bill in the House as all eyes move to Senate; Foreclosure moratorium extended from March 31st to June 30th; Mutant Watch (Part 1): Scientists believe quick spreading California variant is indeed more contagious while Fauci warns its fight for dominance with U.K. variant could provoke even more problematic mutations; Mutation Watch (Part 2): Scientists accidentally discover New York City variant that’s highly likely to be more contagious and resist vaccines; Mutant Watch (Part 3): Is there a vicious new U.S. variant flying under the radar in the mid-Atlantic states? Accidental discovery in a strangely sick baby sets off potential alarm bells.; Mutant Watch Part 4: Odd, multi-country surge in child infections, causes some to speculate that children may be more susceptible to mutations than the original; Will vaccine resistors ruin the party for others? Early signs in U.S. Military and in Israel aren't promising; FDA panel approves Johnson & Johnson vaccine paving way for emergency authorization this weekend; Update on my portfolio strategy.