How Will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 22: July 25th

Updated: Feb 8

U.S. definitively enters second death wave; Key Sunbelt states may have hit a turning point in beating back the second infection wave; Georgia reopening continues to be all fizzle and no sizzle; No relief on unemployment as economy is pummeled yet again; Yelp reports stunning 55% of temporary virus business closures are already permanent; Virus causes chain-reaction wipeout for U.S. film industry; Former "bottom of the class" European Union, now schooling the U.S. on economic recovery; U.S. apartment/housing investors and renters warily eye upcoming financial cliff; Next round of government stimulus hits unexpected roadblock; Are U.S. workers living high-on-the-hog from overly generous unemployment benefits?; Swedish study suggests T-cells may be more important than antibodies in fighting Covid-19; Operation Warp Speed swards $1.95 billion more to Pfizer for vaccine; Update on my portfolio.