• Ian Ippolito

2017-2018 Real Estate Crowdfunding Rankings and Reviews Released

Seismic changes have split the industry in two.

(Note: this is the ranking for accredited investor options. Nonaccredited rankings will be coming soon.) Our annual in-depth reviews and rankings of the real estate crowdfunding industry has been completed, and the results are in. As usual, we gathered extensive information from the platforms themselves as well as from interviewing investors on their experiences. Industry Earthquake

An earthquake ripped through the industry over the year, and split it into 2 very different groups. A handful of top sites are thriving. They grew volume substantially, and increased investor satisfaction along with it. And there were 5 new platforms that made their debut this year. A much larger number have moderate to substantial issues. A stunning 1/3 of the former top 25 are out of the accredited investor platform business today. A substantial number of the rest were unable to maintain volume standards, weren't a