What is SBRE Funds?


SBRE Funds (which stands for Small Balance Real Estate) is a newcomer to the rankings that made a strong initial splash. It features an impressively diverse universe of investment options spanning from equity to debt, commercial to residential, and across numerous asset classes and strategies.

And despite its freshman status, it had one of the largest volumes of available investments during the sampling period (10, which placed it in the top 4 of the entire industry). The platform also gets kudos for co-investing in some of the deals, which is an additional alignment of interest when it occurs (deals with co-investment are notated in the deal notes).

It's the only site currently that allows an investor to filter new deals by investment strategy. This is an extremely handy feature and something that will hopefully become an industry-wide standard.

Investors pay no platform fees for many of the investments when they are funds (fund level fees are charged by the sponsor). On property specific deals there can be platform fees.

If it were not for a major flaw, SBRE Funds would have ranked even higher than it did. Unfortunately, the site does not have any bankruptcy protection should it go out of business. The principals claim that they have a strong business outside of the platform that makes this highly unlikely. However there is no way for investors to verify or deny the validity of this claim. And even if they could, there's no guarantee the situation wouldn't change tomorrow. We hope that by the time of the next review, SBRE Funds decides to strengthen this part of their offering.

The other issue for some is that the minimums are high compared to other options ($50,000-$250,000 compared to an industry average of $10,000). It would be nice to see them reduce this to allow more investors to participate.


  • Advantages: High investment volume, diverse asset classes and investment types, very helpful investment filtering by strategy.

  • Disadvantages: no bankruptcy protection. Minimums are high ($50k-$250k versus industry average of $10k).

  • Accolades: Top new-comer award (highest ranking by a newcomer to the rankings)

For more raw data on the site (including investor and sponsor fees, legal structure etc.), or to easily compare it with the data of competitors, see the feature by feature comparison matrix.

Where can I discuss other SBRE Funds deals?

You can do this with thousands of other investors in the private investor club. While the club is free, membership is restricted to investors who have no business connections to sponsors or platforms. Also, all members must agree to keep all club info confidential by signing a nondisclosure agreement. Click here to join or get more info.


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