The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review February 2020 Update

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Investor lawsuits fly against Realty Shares and MG Capital; New CrowdStreet "Offer Lottery" feature; Private Investor Club welcomes 3,500th member; 4 newest specials; 5 club feeders on-boarding;

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Realty Shares class-action law-suit

In 2018 RealtyShares ran out of cash for funding their operations and shut down to new investors. At the time existing investors were assured that operations would continue as normal for them. Then RealtyShares announced that a third-party firm would be taking over the older investments from them to presumably ensure a smooth transition. Fast forward to 2020, and investors are now filing a class-action lawsuit against the RealtyShares alleging securities violations. The lawsuit is over two deals: