• Ian Ippolito

The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Direct Lending Investments (DLI)

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

SEC says wildly popular fund inflated returns for years and investors could lose 25% (or more) of their money. Also: how the "roach test" saved me from investing in DLI, and how it might help you avoid a similarly catastrophic mistake.

Direct Lending Investments Brendan Ross

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2020-03-11 Update: Bloomberg, reports that investors are expected to lose at least 60%+ now, and Brendan Ross is no longer part of the firm.

CORRECTION: April 4th 2019 9:18 AM: The reference to 75% in the investor class action lawsuit referred to the percent of Guardian VOIP invested in the 2 bankrupt telecom companies, and not the percent DLI invested in GVOIP and subject to loss. This has been corrected.

Saying that Direct Lending Investments (DLI) was "popular" with investors is like saying a car that's lit on fire is "a little bit warm".