• Ian Ippolito

The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review March 2019 Update

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

New deep-dive reviews of asset-based lender YieldStreet and distressed debt AHP Servicing. The private club hits 2,000 members and $2.1 billion. Tons of club-only specials including 3 new reduced fund minimums, free qualified-purchaser / accredited-investor verification, free self-directed IRA pilot and 2 new club feeders. Plus the latest news.

(Usual disclaimer: I'm just an investor expressing my personal opinion and not a financial advisor, attorney or accountant. Consult your own financial professionals before making any financial decisions. Code of Ethics: We do not accept any money from any sponsor or platform for anything, including postings, reviews, referring investors, affiliate leads or advertising. Nor do we negotiate special terms for ourselves in the club above what we negotiate for the benefit of members.).

Deep-dive reviews

  • YieldStreet This platform offers asset-based lending investments with projected yields from 8-20%. They have the typical real estate/hard money loans, and also some difficult-to-find alternative-finance loan types like litigation finance and marine finance. Additionally it's one of the only platforms that pays interest on un-deployed cash, which is a nice plus. On the other hand, the platform has low volume, and the few deals that are available tend to fill up extraordinarily quickly (some are gone in minutes or seconds!). This can be exciting to some and a turnoff to others. Conservative investors who require thorough due diligence on every deal may conclude the platform is not worth the effort. Some investors claim that support is slow, due diligence materials are sparse/inadequate, and communication can be poor. Also the site deals do not have full protection if the platform goes into bankruptcy, which can put investor's money at risk. (Read more...)