• Ian Ippolito

The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review November 2018 Update

Newcomer platform Cadre refuses to answer public questions, but Mr. Google still has plenty to say. The private investor club joins the billionaire club. And 3 feeder funds with reduced minimums.

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New reviews:

  • Cadre Cadre is a platform that claims on its public website to specialize in commercial real-estate (CRE) investments. Unfortunately, it also refused to answer all our questions for this public review. (Joining a small group of platforms that on the whole have ended up having "less than stellar" track records). So, forced to go with Mr. Google, I found some very interesting articles on Cadre from Fortune Magazine and Bloomberg Business News alleging financial improprieties. (Read more...)

Private Investor Club Updates: (Membership in the club is free, but requires verification that the investor has no ties to platforms or sponsors.)

Joining the Billionaire Club

Thanks to everyone who completed the new club survey. We've grown