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All-Star Real Estate Crowdfunding Fund Managers 2017-2018

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

3 rare diamonds in the rough: sponsors who went through the last recession and never lost investor money.

All-Star Real Estate Crowdfunding Fund Managers 2017-2018

Real estate investment author, Paul Kaseburg, has been around the block, and has invested in a mind blowing $1.7 billion in real estate deals. So when he shared his secret for finding great sponsors with me, I listened really closely. Kaseburg only picks fund managers who have:

  1. A history of consistent net returns (in the same product type and strategy) through an entire market cycle or more.

  2. A fully integrated platform (staffing, management, expertise) and are an active buyer/seller (so they can get better leads and deals)

Unfortunately, finding a sponsor like that on one of the crowdfunding platforms today feels like trying to find a purple cow. While most are active, 99% are too green to have a record through the last recession.

So I went on a quest to find the diamonds in the rough: All-Star sponsors that meet the Kaseburg tests. I got leads from hundreds of investors and interviewed countless sponsors to find 3 hidden treasures.​

  • Amy Tait: Broadstone Net Lease

  • Edward Griffin: Griffin Partners

  • Lawrence N. Taylor: Christina Development

The full article includes the detailed recession record of each All-Star, as well as answers to interview questions, and current offerings. Its available to investors who are members of The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review private investor club. Membership is free, but requires prospective members to go through a brief verification.

Click here for the Full Article. (Private Investor Club Content)

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