• Ian Ippolito

All-Star Real Estate Crowdfunding Fund Managers 2017-2018

3 rare diamonds in the rough: sponsors who went through the last recession and never lost investor money.

Real estate investment author, Paul Kaseburg, has been around the block, and has invested in a mind blowing $1.7 billion in real estate deals. So when he shared his secret for finding great sponsors with me, I listened really closely. Kaseburg only picks fund managers who have:

  1. A history of consistent net returns (in the same product type and strategy) through an entire market cycle or more.

  2. A fully integrated platform (staffing, management, expertise) and are an active buyer/seller (so they can get better leads and deals)

Unfortunately, finding a sponsor like that on one of the crowdfunding platforms today feels like trying to find a purple cow. While most are active, 99% are too green to have a record through the last recession.

So I went on a quest to find the diamonds in the rough: All-Star sponsors that meet the Kaseburg tests. I got leads from hundreds of investors and interviewed countless sponsors to find 3 hidden treasures.

  • Amy Tait: Broadstone Net Lease

  • Edward Griffin: Griffin Partners