• Ian Ippolito

Investor-only Club Launched on The RECF Review

Membership is free and includes member-only analysis, articles, investment minimum discounts, and due diligence exchange.

(Usual warning: I'm just an investor and not an accountant, financial advisor, tax advisor or attorney. This is my opinion only, and you should consult your own financial and legal professionals before taking any action on this or other financial matters.)

I'm excited to announce that The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review has launched a private investor-only club. Membership is free, but requires that investors confirm they have no connection to investment sponsors, platforms or their affiliates. Private, member-only content includes:

  • Due diligence exchange

  • My deep due-diligence summaries of every investment I'm currently invested in (which took weeks/months to gather). Current articles: my portfolio breakdown, Broadstone Triple Net Lease, Arixa Secured Income fund, BroadMark Capital Funds 1 and 2.

  • Get due diligence help on your own investments and share your previous due diligence with others. Current topics: Wilshire Finance Partners Income Fund, P2B Investor, Griffin Partners Office Fund 3.

  • Member only special deals

  • $ tens of thousands in reduced minimums and specials. Current specials: Rent range, BroadMark funds 1 and 2, Broadstone triple net lease, Arixa capital secured income fund, Ditmas Park capital, Rama fund, TruLine capital fund 1, Stallion Capital Fund Management.

  • Member only analysis articles including: top hard money loan funds, most experienced sponsors, etc.

  • Brainstorm new investment ideas.