• Ian Ippolito

How to protect your financial life from the fallout of the massive Equifax hack

protect your financial life from the Equifax hack

More than half of Americans may be seriously compromised. On September 7, Equifax announced that the most massive and severe hack of consumer data in American history had occurred from one of their websites. For 1.5 - 2.5 months, hackers stole the most sensitive information of 62% of US citizens (209,000):Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and in some cases driver's license numbers. In addition, they stole even more personally identifying information from dispute documents belonging to 56% (182,00) of us. (UK and Canadian residents were also affected). The fallout from this looks like it will be historic and industry changing. Why does this matter?

In the past, people with that kind of confidential information stolen have been subject to identity theft, credit card fraud and theft, medical fraud, tax fraud, financial fraud, stolen deeds to houses, cell phone theft, theft of online financial accounts, theft of social media accounts, theft of online storage accounts with confidential information, etc., etc.. If your information is compromised, this is a really big deal.