• Ian Ippolito

Hackers easily stealing $ millions from investors and consumers -- using only a phone number

hackers stealing millions

It took only 7 minutes for Jared Kenna to lose the nest egg he'd spent over 2 decades accumulating. As he watched in stunned horror, a hacker cleared out his PayPal account, bank accounts and bitcoin accounts as easily as flicking a switch. When it was finished, Kenna, who was an early participant in bitcoin, lost millions of dollars. He'll never see a dime of it back again.

Your antivirus won't save you here Kenna was no computer dummy and had taken all the usual precautions (antivirus, didn't click on phising emails, strong passwords, etc). But in the end it didn't matter. Even after doing everything "right", all he could do was watch his money disappear. That's because the hacker used a new cell-phone-number theft method that doesn't require the victim to do anything wrong themselves. Widespread epidemic And Kenna is not alone. Hundreds of computer savvy people including C level executives, venture capitalists, technologists and investors have been targeted and robbed by this hacking scheme.