Top 15 Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites/Funds
2019 Honors and Reviews

(for non-accredited/every day investors)

Non-accredited investors (i.e. everyday investors) had only a handful of choices last year. And many weren't that great. Some came with large fees and some with questionable marketing.

Thankfully this year the pack has exploded to 15! And with more choice, fees have come down, the questionable marketing has gone down, and quality is increasing. So today investors have a different problem: which one to choose?


Well, we've done months of legwork (including interviewing sites, investors, and poring through legal documents), to help you figure that out. Below are the industry honors and reviews of each site. (And if you're a data person, here's the enormous head-to-head comparison matrix that details all the data points we were able to gather).

And if you're newbie, and still confused and want a simple guide on how to pick, check out our "Which one should I pick?" guide.)

(Note: if you're an accredited investor, you have a lot more options than this list, and most are a lot less expensive. Please see the rankings and reviews for accredited investors, instead.)

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All data is believed to be correct, but may have mistakes. Please contact us if you notice any errors. All non-data (including rankings, investor comment summaries, analysis etc.) are my opinion only. I'm an investor and not an attorney, accountant, or certified financial advisor. To maintain neutrality, I am not compensated by any of the reviewed sites for links, or in any other way.

Top non-accredited sites/funds

Industry Honors:

Most Experienced Sponsors*

        Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust
        stREITwise: 1st stREIT Office
        Upside Avenue: Casoro Capital

Best Core-Plus Real Estate Funds

         Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust
         Broadstone Real Estate Access (BDREX)
         stREITwise: 1st stREIT Office

Best for Debt

         MogulREIT I

Most Aggressive

         Fundrise: Los Angeles eFund, Washington DC eFund

Best Fees

         stREITwise: 1st stREIT Office

*Minimum for consideration are principals with $2B+ previous total real estate experience and $100m+ previous experience in current fund strategy and real estate asset type.

All funds:

Funds are not ranked since investors will have different criteria  (For example, the best fund for a conservative investor will be completely different than an aggressive one).​ Instead, they are listed in alphabetical order. For help on choosing, click here for our Guide on Picking Non-accredited Funds.

AHP Servicing
     AHP Servicing Fund 

     Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust (BREIT)


     Broadstone Real Estate Access (BDREX)     
     Medalist Diversified REIT
     Impact Housing REIT     
     FundRise eFunds and eREITs        

     GroundFloor Notes     
     MogulREIT I
     MogulREIT II     
     Rich Uncles NNN Inc

     1st stREIT Office



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