• Ian Ippolito

2020 Real Estate Investing Fund Honors and Reviews (for every-day, non-accredited investors)

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Choices have exploded for everyday investors, making informed comparisons even more important than ever.

(Usual disclaimer: I'm just an investor and not a financial advisor or attorney. Consult your own financial professional before making any financial decisions). IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: this info was posted before anyone knew we would be facing a global pandemic in the spring of 2020. So it may be missingcrucial information necessary to making an effective investment today. Some of the information in it may be dated, no longer accurate and/or irrelevant. For information on analyzing investments in this new era, see: "How will Covid-19 / Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio?"

​A few years ago, non-accredited (i.e. everyday) investors had only a handful of choices. And many weren't all that great. Some came with large fees and some with questionable marketing. Thankfully last year the pack has exploded to 14! And with more choice, fees have come down, the questionable marketing has decreased, and quality is increasing. So today's investors have a different problem: which one to choose? Well, we've done months of legwork (including interviewing sites, investors, and poring through legal documents), to help you figure that out.

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