• Ian Ippolito

Can You Really Rely on Auditors to Catch Sponsor Fraud?

Contrary to popular belief, audits are not designed to be thorough enough to catch most fraud. And even with that low bar, the so-called "best" accounting firms (the "Big 4") have been repeatedly penalized for inadequate care and misconduct. How can investors protect themselves?

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Recently, I was talking with a fellow investor about a fund that seemed to have numerous potential yellow flags for fraud (like misleading marketing and the sponsor refusing to release common financial information to investors). He said to me, "I don't have to worry about fraud. They're audited by " (a Big 4 accounting firm that I won't name). "That proves they're on the up-and-up!"

That's a very common way of thinking. And unfortunately, there are two major flaws with it.

"Oh, ha ha. Were you expecting me to look for *fraud* with that audit?"