• Ian Ippolito

The Conservative Investor's Guide to Picking Real Estate Investments: Part 3 - Property Basics.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Property-level due diligence basics: "pro-forma popping," sensitivity analysis, and "stall and see"

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This is a 4-part article series on how I pick conservative real estate investments for my portfolio. There are many ways to do due diligence, and I've come up with a process that I like for myself. My process is ruthless and starts with thousands of deals in my inbox each year. In the end, maybe 2 to 4 per year survive that I invest in. This series details exactly what I look at and why. I welcome the feedback of other conservative investors, and will add ideas I like to the articles. And aggressive investors should also find this helps them better appreciate and gauge the bigger risks they end up taking. (If you're a non-accredited investor, a lot of this info doesn't apply to you. Check out this non-accredited investor guide instead).