2017-2018 Real Estate Crowdfunding Rankings and Reviews Released

October 2, 2017

Seismic changes have split the industry in two.

(Note: this is the ranking for accredited investor options. Nonaccredited rankings will be coming soon.)

Our annual in-depth reviews and rankings of the real estate crowdfunding industry has been completed, and the results are in.

As usual, we gathered extensive information from the platforms themselves as well as from interviewing investors on their experiences.

Industry Earthquake


An earthquake ripped through the industry over the year, and split it into 2 very different groups.

A handful of top sites are thriving. They grew volume substantially, and increased investor satisfaction along with it. And there were 5 new platforms that made their debut this year.

A much larger number have moderate to substantial issues. A stunning 1/3 of the former top 25 are out of the accredited investor platform business today. A substantial number of the rest were unable to maintain volume standards, weren't able to evolve their offerings past shortcomings or experienced a lot of investor dissatisfaction.

The Thriving


5 sites had a substantial increase in volume from last year and continued to receive positive (or mostly positive) reviews from investors: PeerStreet.com, CrowdStreet.com, 1031CrowdFunding.com, RealCrowd.com, CarltonCrowdfund and Roofstock.com. A 6th site had slightly lower volume, but got rave reviews from investors: FundThatFlip.com.

The Fresh Faces


5 new platforms made their debut this year in the rankings: Instalend, AlphaFlow, ckmack, sbrefunds, IncomeAnd.(Additionally, a review is pending of a promising 6th new platform called ZeusCrowdfunding.)


The Challenged


6 of the previous top 25 had their ranking withheld due to issues like failing to meet previous minimum standards they had met, too many investor complaints, and other issues: PatchofLand.com, DiversyFund.com, ShareStates.com, EarlyShares.com, PeerRealty.com, TripleNetZeroDebt.


The Deceased


8 of the previous top 25 completely exited the business (either voluntarily or through financial insolvency): IFunding.co, AcquireRealEstate.com, Fundrise.com, GroundBreaker.co, Money360.com, FullCapitalStack.com, CrowdFlipr.com, CityFunders.com.

Click here to see all the rankings and reviews.


Coming soon: We're completing our data gathering for non-accredited investor options (which have exploded in just the last couple of months in variety and options) and will have that soon. Also, for those who keep asking, I'll be disclosing soon exactly what's in my own portfolio and how it's doing.


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About Ian Ippolito

Ian Ippolito is an investor and serial entrepreneur. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, TIME, Fast Company, TechCrunch, CBS News, FOX News and more.


Ian was impressed by the potential of real estate crowdfunding, but frustrated by the lack of quality site reviews and investment analysis. He created The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review to fill that gap.

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