How will Covid-19/Coronavirus Affect my Alternative Investment Portfolio? Part 54: April 10th

Updated: May 3

U.S. progress on third death wave sputters and reverses; Crystal ball: signs continue to show fourth wave of infections; Change of focus for this article series: The critical race against time (humanity’s vaccines vs. the evolving virus); Europe holds tenuous line against more contagious and deadly variants; Philippines’ hospitals overwhelmed by tsunami of patients, while also battling new “mutation of mutation” variant; India spirals out of control as hospitals go into crisis mode amid mask-weary public and new “double mutation” ; Mutant watch; Mutant Watch Part 2: U.K. variant is now the dominant U.S. strain; Mutant Watch Part 3: top U.S. coronavirus advisor warns U.K. variant’s presence is a “category five hurricane” and could spur new lockdowns (despite vaccines); Economy pummeled by fresh wave of new unemployment as Federal Reserve warns of threats of continued viral spread and mutations; EU regulators say AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine is linked to rare brain clots; Good news: Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are effective for at least 6 months; Update on my portfolio.

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